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Chapter DR, Terre Haute

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  • PDF; Chapter DR, Indiana, History

    Brief History, written for the 150 P.E.O. anniversary, of Chapter DR
  • Chapter DR Group Photo

    All left to right; Front row, Brenda Green, Suzanne VanReed, 2nd row, Vicki Boyd, Jeanette Riggs, Gail Hayes, Eileen Whalen, Lisa VanReed, 3rd row, Ann Bloxdorf, Joyce Siefker, Shirley Slutz, P.J. Ekstrom, Martha Layton, Gloria Jackson, Linda Gibbs, 4th row, Jean Wilcox, Mary Lou Skinner, Ruth Hook. Diane Jensen, 5th row, Freda Hocking, Susie Kersey, 6th row, Brenda Keiser, Jacque Trinler, 7th row, Sandy Sell, Alice Harder
  • Chapter DR